GOP holds largest edge in midterm vote preference in 40 years

The Hill
Dominick Mastrangelo
November 14, 2021

Republicans are in the best position to retake seats in Congress during midterm elections in four decades, according to a new poll.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Sunday found if midterm elections were held now, 51 percent of all registered voters say they would vote for a Republican in their congressional district, as opposed to 41 percent who said they would go with a Democrat.

That figure represents the largest lead for the GOP in the 110 polls conducted by the two news organizations since 1981, ABC noted. It also represents only the second time since 1981 Republicans have held a statistical advantage in that category. 

The same poll found 62 percent of Americans said the Democratic party is “out of touch” with the concerns of most citizens, compared to 58 percent who said the same of Republicans.

A total of 63 percent of all respondents indicated they support President Biden’s newly-passed $1 trillion infrastructure bill and another 58 percent indicated support for the larger social spending packages Democrats are working to pass in Congress.

Biden’s performance also reached a new low of 41 percent, according to the poll.

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