Exclusive — Kevin McCarthy Lays Out GOP ‘Commitment to America’: ‘A Clear Contrast’ Between Republicans, Democrats for Midterms

Matthew Boyle
January 10, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy laid out for Breitbart News in an exclusive long-form video interview the core of the GOP message and strategy heading into the 2022 midterm elections, which will determine which party controls Congress ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

McCarthy’s “Commitment to America,” which he previewed in the latest On The Hill video special taped in December at an Eastern Market establishment on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, is what he framed up as the contrast with Democrat policies that have harmed America over the past year since President Joe Biden and his Democrats took complete control in Washington last January. In the more than an hour long interview, McCarthy explained the disastrous consequences of Democrats running Congress, detailed the pathway for Republicans back to power, and then went into detail about what the GOP will do if and when it gets there.

The GOP vision, which McCarthy said will be rolled out by House Republicans over the course of this year, is similar to the 1994 “Contract with America” that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich introduced that year—the first year in decades that Republicans had taken back the House majority. McCarthy’s plan is also diametrically opposed to that of Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, who has time and again said he does not intend to release a positive agenda but instead just intends to beat up on Democrats rather than promising what Republicans will do if they win the majority back in that chamber.

“I have a different view. I don’t think majorities are given, I think they are earned,” McCarthy said when asked about McConnell’s view on this matter. “I think you also should be very truthful to the American public about what would you do with that majority. It’s not just being in the majority for the sake of being in the majority. You’re being in the majority to make America better. What happens is if you lay out your agenda, and this agenda is—we’re listening out across the country—how do we have election reform, right? We’ve got Rodney Davis going out and listening. We have 23 states that have already improved their election law. How do we make sure the rolls are cleaned up? How do we make sure for IDs and others so that you can trust your elections going forward? We want to make sure that happens, so we continue to work on these collectively together and then we put policy together. We should show the American public so when the American public goes to vote, they can have a decision on which path do they want to go on? This one-party rule that’s brought us inflation, open borders, unsafe communities, and a supply chain where products are scarce, or do we want something that’s going to make our economy stronger, our streets safer, our border secure, and the next century the American century? Let them make a decision. But then it also holds our feet to the fire and holds us accountable. If we promise to do this, we need to go do this.”

McCarthy pointed to issue-focused task forces he debuted in 2021 as an engine for the policy ideas he and Republicans will center this Commitment to America around.

“Any time you have an election that has contrast, clear contrast—like, if Republicans were trusted with the majority, what would you do?” McCarthy said. “We’ll come out with a Commitment to America. What we’ve been doing for the last year is all the members are on task forces. We’ve been working on policy.”

Some specific policy items he previewed that will be in it include the GOP’s “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” plans to secure the border and for holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the coronavirus pandemic, Republicans’ public safety vision to contrast with Democrat pushes to defund police, energy policies, and perhaps most importantly economic policies to stop inflation.

“We recently rolled out a parents’ bill of rights. You look at what happened in Virginia, where the Democrats don’t believe the parents should have a say in their kids’ education, we say that’s wrong,” McCarthy said. “We give you a parents’ bill of rights to guarantee you have a say so you know what’s being taught and what’s being read and where’s your money being spent. We give you a parents’ bill of rights. When the border came out, we had a five-step how to secure the border. When you watch how to deal with China, we came out with a five-step program on how to deal with China to know where COVID came from and release all the intelligence, don’t go to the Olympics, stop gain-of-function from going to any other country, holding them accountable. If we released all of the intelligence, all the other countries would have it as well to know where this COVID started and originated from. We’re just going to have the party of the ideas, the party of the parent, and what we’re going to do is you’ll find later this year we will roll out a Commitment to America—a clear contrast on what our policies are versus the one-party rule. We’ll secure the border. We’ll stop the inflation and runaway spending. We’ll make your streets safe because we don’t defund the police. We fund police. We stop this releasing everybody out on bail. You’ll find we’ll make America energy independent. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. When we do that your gasoline price will lower and your home heating price this winter, which is going up 50 percent, will be lower. And you know what? More Americans will have jobs because of it. These are just a few of the things we’re rolling out.”

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