McCarthy Raises Record $72.4 Million for House GOP

Fox News
Paul Steinhauser
January 12, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Accumulating resources as he aims to win back the House of Representatives majority in November’s midterm elections, House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy brought in an off-election year record $72.4 million in fundraising in 2021.

McCarthy’s 2021 fundraising haul, shared first with Fox News on Wednesday, broke the odd-year record for a House GOP leader that the longtime congressman from California himself set in 2019.

McCarthy’s total for last year includes $11.4 million in fundraising the past three months, which is a record for the fourth quarter of an off-election year.
“As we begin an election year, the contrast couldn’t be starker. While Democrats are retiring and running for the exits at an historic pace, Republican candidates and voters are rallying behind our mission to retake the House,” McCarthy emphasized in a statement.

Taking aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the majority Democrats, McCarthy stressed, “I’m confident we will fire Pelosi and convincingly elect a Republican majority in the People’s House.”

McCarthy has distributed much of the money he’s raised, with $25.3 million transferred last year to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is the House GOP’s reelection arm.

McCarthy also infused $150,000 to each of the 57 House Republicans facing potentially challenging reelections this year, for a total of $10 million invested into the incumbents’ campaigns. And McCarthy also transferred $3.3 million to state Republican parties in states were there are crucial House races at play.
As they aim to regain the majority, Republicans have history on their side. On average the party that wins the White House in a presidential election loses more than 25 House seats in the ensuing midterm election. Democrats are also currently facing a difficult political climate.

And last month’s major setback for President Biden and congressional Democrats in their push to pass a sweeping social spending bill, along with the five-month downward spiral of the president’s poll numbers, are also doing House Democrats no favors as try to retain the majority in November.

Thanks to a surge in announcements the past two months, 26 House Democrats have now said they’re retiring at the end of this current term, or bidding for another office, rather than run for reelection. That’s twice the number of House Republicans who are not running for reelection.

House retirements are often seen as an early barometer of things to come in the midterms. The last time the House flipped, amid a blue wave in the 2018 midterms, there were 23 GOP retirements compared to just 10 among House Democrats.

Competitive seats become even more vulnerable without a well-known and well-financed incumbent running for reelection.

“My message to voters is clear: you deserve a Congress that listens and institutes policies to improve your quality of life — and when Republicans regain the House majority, we will deliver exactly that,” McCarthy pledged in his statement.

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